TAKERS... 3hour half.....


aku kua hang out with my friends
'chubb3,gordak,as'ad,kekwa n min'
sahaja kami keluar untuk bersuka ria semasa study week.
* berjalan kuat . stdy la mek oi . final nk dekat dh ni.. .
the first place.
dekat dengan area kopitam.
apa kami buat kesitu.
for sure nak melantak kan..xkan nk bergolek2 plak.
then ada juga erma & am3 join mkan2
next place.
p tgk movie la kt
midnight movie.
i watching u at midnight
felt really thankful for invites
because at the lately i haven't really had the chance for watch this movie
~1 hour 47 min~

A group of notorious robbers' (takers) job is to take all the cash and create a perfect crime scene, with detailed planning and left nothing behind.
The Takers consists of John (Paul Walker), Jake (Michael Ealy), Jesse (Chris Brown), G (Idris Elba), and AJ (Hayden Christensen).
They're being pursued by Jack (Matt Dillon) & Hatch (Jay Hernandez).
Wanting to keep themselves low profile after a huge robbery, they're being offered and irresistible offer by one of their ex-member, Ghost (TI).
How do they dodge the cops and pull out an almost impossible job?

i did have a good time watching my all-time hero,
'Paul Walker!
A bonus to that, this movie also features
"the actor with the prettiest smile of all time
" Hayden Christensen.
Hayden's character, AJ would definitely look better without the ridiculous hat and bow tie.
Add with a spectacles he'd look perfect!
There's also 2 singers on board- Chris Brown (as Jesse) & T. I Harris (as Ghost)!
It is very refreshing to see fresh actors portraying different roles.

okaylah , i want to sleep now....c yaa....still here..
- xoxo -

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