Single is not bad dude......

the benefits of being single

u don hav to feel annoyed wif ur life
waiting for the Mr. Right to come
who actually not that right pown...uhh

well talking bout being single
its not that bad
u dont hav to pretend nice
or sweet n cute
in front of him of course
(i never did that oke..oke la sumtimes do pretend ayu..huu)

but the best part is
u don hav to feel guilty staring at that cutie
or flirting wif particular hottie
well its a good thing rite??
my money is my money!!
u can simply finish up ur money shoping
or hanging around all day
its entirely up to u..
who cares??
there's no one to nag u all day
saying what is rite n what
is wrong...macam die betoi sgt kan..ehe
what else ekk..
lets see
people may think when they have find sumone
they will b epy
(epy laa sgt)n its lyke the world is theirs..
its actually u will b having alot of troubles..
or should i say
love = troubles ???

dont feel depressed , lonely , or sad
it is tyme to feel free
u can do whatever u want,
whenever u want..
No questions asked
No guilt about doing it either
u dont have to make excuses
and that what i mean
the world is yours!!
(not actually yours laa..hakdoy)

when u r in a relationship
(teringat hot guy y jumpa tadik..huu~)
most of ur tyme
u will spend it with ur partner rite?
(kadang2 bley wat owg laen naik myampah tgk!!)
but wat eva it is
as a student
its better to spend that tyme wif ur
now i got a good point!

make sure u study hard
don think bout having a serious relationship
bcoz it is juz not the rite tyme yet
u can let anyone come n go from ur life
but remember sumthing
we r teenager
young n still fresh
(like me haha)
just enjoy the life of being single
flirting wif hottie as much as u want
n im not saying
u should act like a bitch..opss

when u hav found the Mr right
(hoho d manakah Mr right y hot aku tuu? =P )
b sincere
love him wif all ur heart
build a epy family wif him
give him a lot of children
so that he will stick to u
taking care of his children
n away from other women
(good strategy hahh??)
lastly u will live
hapily eva after..

the end

Love me and the world is mine. ~David Reed

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